Since 2006

By bringing the authenticity of home-cooked food from every household across the country right to your plate, we have become “The Taste that Unites”. Savour the wonderful tastes of nostalgia that food brings to your table with
MFB Masalas & Spices.

Magadha Food

The Beginning

Inspired by the traditional practice of preparing spices synonymous with our cultural heritage, we take great care to source ingredients from India’s renowned spice lands, and craft regional masalas and spices without compromising on quality and hygiene..

Spice Processing Plant


(i) Cleaning: First of all, the spices are cleaned with machine to remove impurities.

(ii) Peeling & Cutting to Small Pieces: Some spices require peeling and cutting to small pieces. Such spices are peeled with hand knives.

(iii) Drying: Spices are spread on the floor to provide sun drying. At times, mechanical dryers are also used. Tray type dryer is most suitable.

(iv) Grinding/ Pulverising: Spices are grinded in dry form.

(v) Mixing: After all the above operations, various spices for different purposes are mixed together.

(vi) Packaging: At the end, spices powder are packaged in automatic form, fill and sealing machine.

(vii) Transportation and Marketing: Thereafter, the products are transported and supplied to the bulk purchasers.